A Presentation of Manners and Social Skills

Liz Bockman

Elizabeth Bockman, M.P.H Page

Elizabeth Bockman, M.P.H., has earned a B.S. degree in Nutrition, a minor in Health Promotion, a certificate in Gerontology and a Masters in Public Health (M.P.H.) from Northern Illinois University.

Elizabeth has over twelve years of experience combined as a physician relations liaison and educator in both the for-profit and non-profit health care arena.

Elizabeth brings to her presentations experience in developing and implementing programs on customer service, business management, public health related topics, and a solid understanding of the importance of appropriate social skills in building successful and meaningful relationships needed to succeed in life, both professionally and personally.

Audiences have included children, young and older adults, and key community business leaders, including corporate executives.

“Recognizing the importance of, and understanding the need for social skills, evolved from my experience as a health-care liaison, a teacher in the classroom, a mother of two, and as a business owner. Success in one’s life is based on the constant social interactions with others and the relationships formed based on one’s confidence with themselves… These skills are more crucial today, than ever before, as our society becomes more global.”-says Bockman.

Elizabeth volunteers her time as an Executive Member of the Board of Directors for Kishwaukee Family YMCA and DeKalb County Eldercare Services.

“I would highly recommend this presentation and Liz. Liz is very professional, fun and interesting.”

“This type of information isn’t being covered at home. Students need to realize how important this information is. Hopefully down the road, they will remember it and use it.”

“Everyone needs to be reminded about what things to do or not to do to project a great self-image.”

“I am sure that some point in time we all encounter a situation where we wonder what the “proper” thing to do is. These presentations can help answer those questions.”

“The presentation topics are relevant in all business- and all of life in that matter.”

“I was’t sure what the presentation was to entail, but now I know how bad my etiquette skills were.”

“High school kids could use these skills before they go to prom.”

“This would be a great class for college kids to get them ready to interview for internships.”

“Good presenter, great information! The information should be covered on a regular basis for all employees!”

“The presentations covered a great deal. Great information!”

“Liz was a great presenter-I wish it were mandatory for everyone to have participated!”